Welcome back to my blog, I am quite contented to know that I get a tremendous response on my mail to add more jobs to the list of jobs to earn money online from home. And here I am, adding more to the list.


A Transcriptionist listens to an audio file and types what he/she hears. If in case, you have persistence and the capacity to sit for a significant long duration of time and have an eye for detail, then this work segment is for you. 

What amount would I be able to make? You can procure $7-$21 every hour or more in case you start a business as a transcriber. 

How would I begin? There are many websites who provide training as well beforehand giving you some task. The cherry on the top is that many of them offer the training for free.

Virtual Receptionist 

Answering calls and web chats for any form of organizations and professionals, working with an affectionate group from around the nation. 

You should be available for at least 4 hours every day, 5 days per week (making it least of 20 hours of the week which can be extended up to 40 hours max). However, the shifts can be divided into 2-to 5-hour working.


The compensation is hourly and begins at $10 every hour, with raises which is totally based on the performance and duration that you are working with the organization. 

Advantages include: 

Medical insurance and sometimes these insurances cover dental, and vision as well.

Retirement plans 

Money rewards 

Weekly salary

Life Coach

Do you cherish self-improvement and enjoy assisting other individuals? Would you like to commence your very own business? If you have the qualities, then you should look forward to turning into a Life Coach. 

What amount would I be able to make? It relies upon your marketing and advertising strategies. If you are focusing on low-income, you can charge $47 every hour, however, if you’re focusing on a higher payment you could charge $297 every hour or substantially more. 

It additionally relies upon your model, would you say you are doing 1-to-1 training or class system?

Build an Online Store with Drop Shipping 

Dropshipping is one of the best options, you need not have an actual store to sell the products, however, you should have an in-built quality of influencing people to buy a product. When you make a deal, the item is sent straightforwardly to the client from the drop shipper. 

Your benefit is the contrast between what you charge the customer and what the organization who is drop shipping charges you. 

What amount would I be able to make? This truly relies upon you and how much work you put into it, yet you could make $10,000+ per month! 

Graphic Designer 

If you have a keen interest in creating mesmerizing designs and have extensive knowledge in Adobe Creative Suite/Adobe Creative Cloud – including InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop, there are ample ways to make profits from the market. 

What amount would I be able to make? You can charge $25-$300 for every hour you put in, depending upon your experience and the quality of work you deliver. 

How would I begin? There are several courses online to learn Photoshop, Web Design, and Profitable Freelancing. Join the one that suits you and your skills.

Become a Travel Agent 

Are you having an interest in traveling and enjoy assisting others? Think about starting a career as a Travel Agent. 

What amount would I be able to make? Glassdoor states the regular pay ranges from $29,000 to $58,000 every year, except this, everything relies upon the destinations and number of customers. 

How would I begin? You can either go into business or work for an office.

Social Media/Search Engine Evaluator 

Social Media/Search Engine Evaluator rate online life advertisements and web index results for significance. 

This job profile is interesting on the grounds that one doesn’t need to jump on the telephone, attend calls, but you make your very own schedule for the work to be done and duration each task requires, and it doesn’t require much preparation. 

What amount would I be able to make? $12.50 – $14 every hour.

Customer Service Representative 

Client service positions commonly are understood as a position where the person has to share the information for the product or services. This job profile is highly in demand these days and companies hire client service reps remotely. 

What amount would I be able to make? The reimbursement ranges from $10-$21 per hour as mentioned on Glassdoor for the organizations underneath with a rating of 4/5 star rating or higher: 

Hilton $10-$21 every hour 

Apple $13-$19 every hour 

Amazon $11 

How would I begin? Consider applying to the organizations above and look at these specific type of employment requirements for an up-to-date list of accessible remote client administration positions, for example, FlexJobs, Indeed, and UpWork.

Consider the jobs listed above and still, if you feel that nothing suits your interest, I will be mentioning more jobs similar to these that will assist you to earn money online without investment. Stay tuned, till then share your ways in the comment section to earn money online.