There are some strategies from which you can earn money from Live Youtube:

Join the Youtube Partner Program :

If you are looking for how to earn money from Youtube, then you need to follow some suggestions to start:

  1. Start your Youtube Channel : It is safe to get any views on Youtube. As you are going to start your channel to start. 
  1. Create YouTube Videos : This is another step to earn money from Youtube channels. You have to create content that your audience will love. You need to focus on a particular niche and dive into the content. 
  1. Youtube Partner Program Eligibility Requirements : You need to join the partnership program right after it starts. When you achieve them, you will be able to start earning.
  1. Adsense account to get paid on Youtube : After eligibility requirements, you need to make an adsense account to get paid on Youtube. Just answer correctly and make your adsense account. 
  1. Configuration of Monetization Method : There are different methods to begin making money on your youtube channel. Ad revenue, Youtube red revenue, channel membership, launch your merchandise shelf, super chat and super sticker, these are the methods from which you can earn money from Youtube. 
  1. Continue making content and Don’t Violate YouTube Guidelines : You need to make the content continuously and remember not to violate the youtube guidelines. 

Build a Blog to Compliment Youtube : 

As youtube is good for making your brand to create fans, drive lots of conversions, and increase in the business revenue. You need to create a blog for your youtube channel to show ads and make high click through rates on affiliate links. 

  1. Start a Blog : First of all, you need to start a blog under the same branding that you have already created. You need to assure that your blog has the same look and feel as your YouTube channel.

  2. To gain traffic, you need to share your blog : The next step is to share the blog which you have created with your YouTube channel.

  3. Blog Visitor Email Addresses : The main key to earn money is, you need to get to the visitors to sign up for your email list.

  4. Use your Email to grow and make recommendations : You don’t need to send an email for every blog post or youtube videos you create. And if you already have affiliate products that you can make money from by recommending. Send those over in an email and sit back as the commissions come piling in. 

Create and Sell the Course :

Another good way to earn money on Youtube is to create and sell the digital course. You can teach various topics, that includes fitness and health, personal development, digital marketing, and professional or curriculum courses. If you want to maximize your earnings from courses then,

  1. Put course links in your description sections 

  2. Once in a while, you need to refer to the course

  3. To push people to your course, you need to use youtube cards sometimes

  4. Use the best online course platform