Have you at any point considered selling items or products online? I would like to share that there is no better platform other than Amazon, where you can start selling your product range. Do you have a question like: Why Amazon? As indicated by Forbes, there are 90 million paying Amazon Prime supporters all alone in the United States today. Does that persuade you to start a business at Amazon? Today, I’m going to impart to you ‘How to Sell on Amazon for Beginners’ from an Amazon master.

I was fascinated about selling items on Amazon when I read how Saira Perl sold $45,000 worth of items on Amazon in UNDER a year when she was pregnant and was staying at home the whole time. I wanted to dig a little deeper, for that I reached her for an interview and share the tips and techniques to sell products on Amazon successfully. Fortunately, I got a chance and I would be sharing the interview below:

Would you be able to disclose to us about how you began selling on Amazon? 

I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur since I was in my mid-twenties. I dabbled with blogging, eBay, and couponing while at the same time working as a full-time worker, however, I didn’t know how (or when) I’d take the huge jump to claim my own business. 

It all started when back in 2008 I was laid-off from my job and was at home all the time, then I decided to sell products on e-Bay. I initialized by selling products on eBay only part-time and realized this was my opportunity to sell products full-time. 

With the cash from my last pay-check, I took off to a local store to purchase stock. In only a couple of months, I had replaced my previous $1,500/month salary, this was what I earn from home while working Online

Obviously, making $1,500 every month on eBay was only the start of my entrepreneurship. I wanted to relieve my husband from the burden of earning from the job he hated the most. However, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it to be. With eBay, I needed to take care of every minute thing by myself. With every purchase from my online store, I have to visit the post office, sending the parcels and much more work, everything was truly tedious! To get more payouts on eBay, I would have needed to work much more hours. 

And at the same time, I heard about Amazon’s FBA program for third-party dealers, and I could tell that it would be a lot simpler to scale. I knew I needed to give it a shot and in the following year, I was able to replace my husband’s salary by selling with Amazon FBA only. That too with the option to do it just by working late shifts or weekends.

How does the Amazon FBA program work? 

It starts with locating our own items to sell, instead of selling the items on our won website, we have our “store” on Amazon.com. Clearly, Amazon as of now has a huge number of clients and in case, if we had our very own site, we’d need to market to attract the traffic! As an FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) vendor, we’re responsible for discovering stock and sending it to an Amazon distribution center or Amazon warehouse (they have these everywhere throughout the country). 

Presently here, the excellence of Amazon FBA kicks in: when our stock lands at Amazon, they handle everything from there onwards. At the point when a client orders one of our things, Amazon representatives pack it, deliver it to the client, and even handle the client’s complaints and returns. 

This is the reason I had a lot more sales scaling our FBA business than I had with eBay. I could hold up until I had 40-50 things and after that send them off to Amazon at the same time. From that point onward, I simply trust that the things will sell! 

There’s one other enormous advantage of being an Amazon FBA merchant. When you send your things using the FBA program, your stock becomes Prime-eligible. Since fundamentally everybody nowadays relies on that free 2-day sending, my Prime-eligible things are much more engaging than another dealer’s customary things (which probably won’t land for 5 to 7 days). 

What’s clever about Amazon is that plenty of purchasers don’t realize that there are third-party merchants on the site. Dislike eBay where everyone realizes that they’re purchasing from an individual merchant. By being an FBA merchant, the client has a similar extraordinary encounter as when they purchase straightforwardly from Amazon.

What amount do you make with the Amazon FBA program? 

After our first year as full-time vendors, we were making over $100,000 as profit. We did that by reinvesting our profit into buying more stock. 

Nowadays, we have increasingly different pay streams and we invest increasingly more energy concentrating on blogging, our Facebook people group. 

Despite the fact that our Amazon store is part-time now, regardless we have over $5,000 in sales every month.

How much time do you spend with your family apart from the business? 

We as of now have one major sourcing day every week and after that, we dispatch our stock to Amazon. Obviously, during the bustling Amazon season, we invest somewhat more energy in our online Amazon stores. And, we make approximately 50% of our yearly Amazon income during those busy season of the year! 

We do have somebody who takes care of all the shipments to spare ourselves in investing a lot of our energy in that. It requires some investment to assemble the shipments and I truly like to concentrate on the shopping. The benefit is made by purchasing the correct inventory. 

This leaves a lot of time for the blog. Also, the Amazon business is frequently a family affair where we would all go out to shop or set up the stock together.

Any advice you would like to give those who might be reading this and who needs to begin an Amazon FBA business? 

Amazon FBA is an extraordinary business for mothers to work and earn online from home. It’s extremely adaptable so you can do it even if you are occupied with other activity.

Obviously, if it is not difficult to begin with, it doesn’t mean that it is not a genuine business! It’s additionally not a ‘Make easy money’ thing. I prescribe that merchants reinvest the majority of their benefit once more into the business every three months. That is the thing that enables your business to develop. 

Fortunately, you can begin with a little introductory venture, particularly if you utilize the Retail Arbitrage sourcing technique. If you possess a printer and a cell phone, you need not have any other thing for now! I think Amazon FBA is perfect for somebody with about $1,000 for their initial venture of stock, supplies, and preparing costs.