Once you are done with all the chores like creating your website, choosing the niche of your work and deciding your style of writing, the most important question arises, where are the readers to your blog? 

You can’t simply anticipate that people will by chance come across your blog and start liking, commenting and sharing your blog and most importantly start understanding your perspective. However, you require to promote it! 

Here are the best and most facile approaches to get more readers to land on your blog page and earn money online:

Promote your Blogs on Social Media Platforms:

Likewise with any business these days, you’re not prone to get even noticed if you don’t have any social media accounts. Social Media accounts are the most opted approach by the bloggers to reach the right audience and get more readers to their blogs.

We suggest setting up accounts as well as pages to your blog on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and even LinkedIn (you’re basically representing your very own business). The social media accounts or pages should reflect the theme to your blogs so that one may recognize it easily by looking at the design and color scheme.
Use them to share new posts and tag fellow influencers/  bloggers/ organizations who may share your content and help it to grow its reach by spreading to a large audience. 

You could likewise fiddle with some paid publicizing to enable your blog to contact a more extensive group of readers or run a competition to increase the reach and likes. When you have the supporters, keep them intrigued by posting regularly.

Connect with other Bloggers

This is another, yet, powerful method to establish your presence among others who blog about the similar kind of topics. Regardless of the reality that they are your competitors, you are growing your network in the blogger community. 

Numerous bloggers even have a ‘link’ page on their website via which they use to create a connection to loads of their friends inside the network in return to when they share your blog. This will help greatly with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization – how likely your blog pops up in Google look). 

If you connect with other bloggers and provide a platform to share their blog, they’ll likely return back the favor – you could even work ahead in collaboration!

Check for the News Stories from your niche

The world is the most happening place and every other day something happens. You get lucky when you read or hear something about the niche you have written. This phenomenon is known as ‘newsjacking’ and it can work as a treat as your blog will get some extra exposure. 

For instance, if in case you write a blog about how cooking habits have changed over the ages, you just have to keep an eye as much has changed since the introduction of Swiggy or Uber Eats. Sometimes these companies do surveys from time to time to know the purchasing habits of the users, this will somehow help you to attain more readers. 

You can reach a lot of readers via social media platforms by using suitable and trending hashtags, engage in discussions and even reach others to share their valuable reviews by commenting. 

In case you’re extremely extraordinary at expressing your niche or you are expert in your niche, you may get popularized on your own.

Be a Viral Content Creator

Creating content that will become viral is the key to gain success, you will enable you to get noticed and even appreciated in the market ultimately leading to increment in your readership. 

One may find it easier said than done, however, the process to create viral content is to write on controversial topics or subjects that are highly in discussion in your writing niche – as you can envision, this includes newsjacking, as referenced previously. 

Once you find something that belongs to your own niche, you’ll be energetic, opinionated, passionate and knowledgable about it, so you’ll be able to post your opinion that you would like others to pursue, share and discuss.