This can either be the most trouble-free or the strenuous part of starting a career as a Blogger. 

The most significant thing at this stage is to pick a niche which you can consider yourself an expert in – the greatest misinterpretation as a new blogger is, that he/she makes in such a big pool of bloggers is commencing a blog without trying to write something astounding or unique. 

For instance, if you have an interest in fashion, rather than consolidating generic fashion content, you could amalgamate your passion and interest for clothing and fashion with your concern for the environment by blogging about environmentally-conscious designers. 

These are the most ideal approaches to discover a theme for your new blog:

Take a gander at different blogs – This has to be your first place from, where you can observe what others might have written, their pattern, their way to write things. What’s now trending? Also, more significantly, what’s missing? Discover the frailty in the market.

Use Google – This will aid you in looking into, What are individuals searching online? Use Google recommended searches and Google auto-complete to find what individuals are searching for – there is a chance that if they’re looking for it, it depicts that there’s an interest. 

Explore the forums – It happens that when people are unable to find answers to their questions, they search for their answers at forums. Look for What are they questioning about? Are they looking for advice and for what? This will demonstrate what individuals are interested in and what information is lacking on the web that you can provide by writing on it.

Track on-going trends – What topics are in trend currently? It’s great to pick a topic that has longevity, however, if you can piggy-back on a pattern at the earliest, you can establish yourself as a pro on it before any other person seizes the opportunity. 

Consider various and random topics – How you can write on how-to guides or how you can do the videos? Audits? Interviews? Reviews? It probably won’t be what you write on, however, how you compose is what sets up apart from others.

Recognize your very own passion and interests – While the majority of the above are significant, there’s no reason for blogging about something you have zero enthusiasm for. You’ll rapidly get exhausted and individuals will recognize your absence of energy. Expound on something you truly, genuinely have an interest in and can write effortlessly.