Twitch is a video streaming platform, where people can broadcast themselves by playing video games, cooking, or do pretty much anything that can be filmed via a camera. 

Follow some suggestions to earn money on Twitch or YouTube :

  • Think and plan : The first thing to remember when you start a gaming channel is to think about it. Just take out a pen or you can open the document file and start brainstorming about what exactly you want your channel to look like. Suggest some key questions which include : “Will I be informative or funny?”, “What will make my channel funny?”, “Am I creating this channel as a hobby, or do I make money from it?”. Remember these types of questions in Live Streaming.
  • Brand : Create a brand for yourself which is incredibly important. If you have branded yourself correctly, then people will visit your channels more. First of all, you have to figure out what kind of content you are going to create. Will you be doing live games videos or specializing in reviews of indie games? Do you prefer combat games or peaceful farming simulations? Your first impression should be potential subscribers, better images for your icon will make more people click on your page.
  • Twitch Kit : If you want to get the right gear, then first you have to figure out the plan for starting a Youtube gaming channel that you need to make sure for the ultimate live-streaming setup. There is a requirement for a microphone, camera, editing software and powerful graphics card. This Kit makes it easy to reproduce a professional video studio in your home.
  • Create a Schedule : When your channel is set up and your equipment ready to go, now you can start making content. You will enjoy this part as it is so much fun. After that you have to edit your video to create a thumbnail and a description and then post it. After that, you can easily start to lose motivation. 
  • Build a community : If you want people to start your videos then, search for similar videos and leave comments. You should remember that to view other youtubers and Twitch gamers as a community and no competitions. You should stay positive and focus on building a community of like-minded people, after that you can see many benefits and also may even be able to set up collaborative videos with other games to reach an even bigger audience. 
  • Create a Call : After completing your videos, it is important that you inspire your viewers to interact with you. Encourage and ask your audience to leave the comment with their response. Remind people to like, comment and subscribe. The more people reach your channel the more traffic you will earn and you will be more successful. Use social media for better results. Follow people on twitter, facebook, and instagram so that you can let them know when new videos are up.