There are numerous ways to earn money on TikTok.

  • TikTok Creator Fund : First of all, you have to join the TikTok creator fund. To join the creator fund, you have to follow some steps like you should be at least 18 years old, you should be based in the UK, France, USA, Spain, Germany, Italy, you must have a minimum of 10K followers, your videos must have views of 100,000 in a month. To join a creator fund is a good idea if you have already established the following.
  • Sell Product to your own fans : Selling merchandise to your fans is good for monetizing nearly any type of content. It includes any type of creator, like dancer, singer, comedian, they can sell merch to most of the loyal fans. You can sell lots of things such as T-shirts, tote bags, pillow cases, hats, coffee mugs, stickers, notebooks, or any combination of products. Selling Print on demands has more benefits beyond revenue.
  • Collect Virtual Gifts and Go Live : Live gifts are the best features to earn money from Tiktok. Some social networks have live streaming features, but what makes TikTok unique is that it allows followers to show their appreciation in real time by sending gifts, which can be redeemed for payment. Check your audience by going to your profile settings and select the analytics tab to see when the audience is more active.
  • TikTok Marketplace : Another innovative way to earn money from TikTok is that it allows its creators to make money through its creator marketplace. The creator marketplace helps to connect the right brands to the right influencers, providing partnerships in such a way that is fast and easy for both the parties. The creator marketplace works as an influencer agency, which allows both sides to work with one another.
  • Use of In-Feed Video with TikTok Ads Manager : TikTok has millions of great organic marketing opportunities, but if you are able to spend a little to expand the reach of your content, you should consider creating your own in-feed ads with the TikTok Ads Manager. With the help of paid ads, you can make sure your videos are reaching audiences that are most interested in your products. 
  • Collect Tips : If you have nothing in your mind, or you are not ready to offer equity to investors, crowdfunding platforms might not be the ideal avenue to take. Tipping is the most personal finance option for the TikTok users. This option is available to fans, but it is not compulsory and they can donate any amount they like at any time they want. Tipping platforms work like a real life tip jar. There are three types of Tipping platforms such as Tipeee, Buy me a coffee, Ko-fi.