Upwork is a great place to find more clients, to run and grow your own business. This global platform is a great way for independent contractors or freelancers to find work, and for companies or individuals to find talented freelancers.

Essentially, Upwork is a job board where clients post projects. Freelancers submit proposals and make bids to win these projects. After each project is completed, both the client and the freelancer leave reviews for each other – helping the best move to the top.

Upwork has their Terms and conditions and Freelancers work according to these condition. Like Upwork take 20% commission from each project’s payment. If Any freelancer conflict any rule then Upwork send Email and also suspend the account. Many freelancers worldwide have experienced Upwork account suspension.

So why does Upwork suspend freelancer accounts?

1. To receive payment Outside The Upwork Platform.

Whether you’re a freelancer or a client, you can be assured that payments made through Upwork are safe, timely, and hassle-free. That’s because Upwork requires all payments to go through our platform and offers Upwork Payment Protection for both hourly and fixed-price contracts.

Hourly – Clients should only pay for hours worked and freelancers should be paid for their time spent working.

Fixed Price – Upwork helps ensure clients get the work asked for and freelancers get paid for work completed.
When you sign up on their site, pick the jobs they have sourced for you, then move your clients from the platform. This appears to be the WORST mistake that you can commit on Upwork, and it is unlikely that you will get your account reinstated after this.

2.Use irrelevant words during writing the proposal

Another reason for Upwork account suspension when you send copy and paste proposal with irrelevant words. Like Sometimes, freelancers write & quote Dear Hiring Manager, Oh please don’t start with this! Hereis a little trick. It don’t seem professional. Freelancer should use Client’s Name.

As a Freelancer, I have learned to customize every proposal. This shows the client that you have taken the time to read their job post and that you are a suitable candidate.

3. Sending too many proposal And not getting hired

This is one of the newest ways to get your Upwork account suspended. Some freelancers choose to recycle the same proposal, never tweaking it to suit a particular job post.

Another reason why you are not getting hired on Upwork is because you haven’t uploaded any samples of your work, that is, you don’t have a portfolio. Also, be careful about the title that is displayed on your profile.

4. Start work on Upwork without complete profile

Sometimes, This is also reason to suspend Upwork id. So probably you have written a good cover letter but, alas, your profile is not complete. A profile that is at 70% doesn’t exactly give the client lots of confidence in your ability to complete tasks.

Take your time and write a great overview statement that explains to the client what sets you apart from other freelancers. Take some tests – some clients won’t even consider you if you haven’t attempted any test.

5. Poor Feedback From Clients

You might adhere to all Upwork conditions, write great proposals but if your work doesn’t meet your clients’ expectations, you are likely to receive a warning letter from Upwork, leading to suspension thereafter.
It is highly unlikely that this can happen due to one or two clients posting less than favorable comments about you, but if it’s consistent, and clients state that they are not happy with your services, in the public or private feedback, your account may be suspended. In that regard, always do your best work.

6. Don’t mention Phone number on your profile

During submitting the proposal please don’t mention Phone number. Until Client asks about your Phone Number And Don’t mention contact address on your profile.

7. Kindly use Upwork Message System

Freelancer should use only Upwork message system for chatting with client. Don’t user Skype or any other platform for chatting until or unless client ask for Skype address for further communication.

8. Harassing Clients To Change Your Feedback Or Give You 5-star Feedback

If you got 3 OR 4 rating and you asked the client to give 5-STAR Rating. It can be tempting to harass and harangue the client to change that feedback, but that would not be a wise path to take. The client may report you to Upwork and you might get your account suspended.

Finally, I will say, as a freelancer, you have to be resilient. If you believe that Upwork has suspended you unfairly, have the courage to confront them. At times it can take quite a while for these issues to be resolved so patience is needed –always stay professional and gather all evidence from your side and be ready to present it.

If your account is not reinstated, do not sulk or quit freelancing. There is life beyond Upwork.