Transcribing is an extraordinary method to earn from home, this can only be stated as it gives freedom and handsome salary. 

Transcriptionists after listening to the audio files, type it on a document, i.e. creating a word document of an audio file.

Have you at any point thought about this as a profession? 

I’m eager to impart a meeting to Kim who is a housewife and discovered transcribing as an approach to get some additional cash while staying back at home. Today she is going to tell us her story and will help us to know How to Become a Transcriptionist. 

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I began the meeting discussing the course.

Is it true that you were Hesitant at First? 

Yes, I was reluctant. It’s difficult to know whether something like this is genuine or not. I had officially discovered a class that should be incredible yet turned out not to be what it asserted. The free trial that Janet offers in Transcribe Anywhere course truly helped set my mind straight.

What is the duration of this course? 

It took me around a half year to complete the course. I most likely went through around 8-10 hours every week on the classes. 

Since it’s everything on the web I could sign in at whatever time or from any place it was advantageous.

Any Pros or Cons to this Course? 

I can’t express enough great words about this course. It is incredibly nitty-gritty. That can be baffling as you are working through the course yet it is satisfying since I am really working for customers. 

Do you think the Course is necessary to begin to Transcribe? 

I do think the course is vital. I thought I have understood grammar until I began the course. I have additionally observed the training correspondences to be priceless. Through the course, you figure out how to deal with the terrible sound quality of the audio, how to put the right punctuation in complex sentences, you truly are prepared for the things you are going to find in reality.

What do you charge your clients for your Services to Transcribe? 

I am working part-time as I do other errands to take care of. However, I am earning quite well by charging approx. $300-$400 per month. I have been into this business for 3 months now, so I am still learning and building my customer base. 

What number of Clients Do You Have Today? 

I have 2 clients at the present and working on building a big customer base to have regular working. Considering I’ve just been working on this for a couple of months and work for a limited period, I’m quite happy with the outcomes up until this point.

How long Do You Work a Week? 

I am likely placing in 10-20 hours seven days relying upon the work and nature of the sound records. 

How Often Do You Get Paid? 

I am getting paid two times per month.

How Do You Manage Your Work While Raising a Family? 

I am fortunate to have a supportive spouse who will bounce in and help out when I need him. It truly takes a collaborative approach with everybody coming in to assist.