People are using a number of freelancing portals. Peopleperhour(PPH) is one of them. It is an online freelance marketplace. It is free to join and offers three distinct services.

  1. Buyer(Clients) can post jobs on the site.
  2. Seller(Freelancer) can bid for those jobs.
  3. Sellers (freelancers) can also post “hourlies”, which are defined services for a fixed fee set by the seller

Buyers can look through profiles, portfolios then send invites to a particular bid of a seller. They can also post a job that’s specific to one seller.

Sellers can search a wide range of different job categories. These categories are following


2.Development & IT

3.Marketing & SEO


5.Social Media


A lot of categories are available on PeoplePerHour website. In which field, Sellers are expert or have a good experience then sellers can show on their respective profile and also show portfolios of their previous task. By doing these things buyers will prefer to those ones by which their requirements will be matched.

PeoplePerHour: Policies

Your Profile is your “shop-front”. So, you should make a relevant profile which highlight your all skills and qualities. When creating your profile, we have a few policies that Freelancers are expected to adhere to. The policies are following which I am going to mention below.

  1. Don’t allow to make more than one account means Duplicate accounts will be closed. So make a realistic account.
  2. Don’t offer fake things.
  3. Don’t Receive payment outside the PPH platform.
  4. Sending unusual message marked it as Spam.
  5. Don’t Share Personal information to Buyer

People Per Hour: The Good Bids

  1. When you do bid on a particular job. You should attach an example, link or portfolio for showing that you have worked on the same job. Once Buyer understands that seller has skills according to the job then definitely, Buyer will hire to that seller.
  2. Always do bid to clarify following things like Payment method should be verified.

client rating must be good etc.

  1. Sellers receive 15 free job bids per month and can purchase blocks of additional bids at a reasonable rate.
  2. You can ask a question about a job to clarify the brief before you bid. However, the buyer is not obliged to respond. You can also see other people’s questions and any responses. This can help you filter out jobs that are undefined, unrealistic or just plain exploitative.

People Per Hour: The Bad Bids

  1. To do bid on not verify payment Job. It is very unprofessional Bid. Sometimes fake account is created. The fraud with the seller.
  2. Sometimes seller accept the job without discussing job work with a client. So This is also a bad bid.
  3. It gets worse. Seller faces currency issue. So, Buyer should set currency in a job ad.

Top Tips for Working on People Per Hour

  1. Seller or buyer Should look through previous rating or portfolio before start work.
  2. As you can attach files with your bid, consider sending over a CV as well as any samples of previous work.
  3. Contact previous People Per Hour clients via the workstream if you are looking for extra business.
  4. Choose your Profile Skills carefully and change them as required.


Eventually, Peopleperhour is a perfect site for Freelancers and buyers. Many more Sellers maintain their account on PeoplePerHour and get more business. The payment method of PeoplePerHour is the best way. A buyer deposit into an Escrow account when they award a job. Your money is therefore secure and waiting for you when the job is signed off.

So there is no need to worry about anything. Everything is full of managed under PeoplePerHour. Seller just follows term and condition and can work for a long time period on PeoplePerHour.