Here I have written down the websites from where you can earn money online generating methods by teaching English or any language to the students.

English is the most spoken and demanding language ever. It’s been in trend from long ago. 

The non-English speakers from different nations, where English isn’t the first language (like China, Japan, Korea), face issue in learning this international language. 

They recruit tutors from all over the world who have a great understanding of the English language and are familiar with communicating in English. 

You can without much of a stretch get registered on the online teaching platforms if you have the skill in this language or can speak fluently. 

Things you should know and have to become an online Language Tutor:

You should be passionate about teaching. 

You have to have a good internet connection, personal computer or laptop. 

You should be aware of creating internet lectures or presentation and its usage where and when required. 

It would benefit you if you know about the software which can be used online while teaching like blackboard, whiteboard, and advanced pen and so on and on the off chance that you realize how to utilize it. 

You have a digital pen and writing pad. 

You should have brilliant communication skills. 

You should have a sound knowledge of the language which you are going to teach. 

Online Language teaching is best for homemakers, undergraduates, the retired professional language tutors. This is developing as the best source to generate extra money. 

It is an Indian firm established by IIT entrepreneurs. They will give you the study material, all you need to do is, take live video classes on a one-on-one basis through various platforms like Skype or Zoom video call.

Regardless of whether you are an undergrad, if you have intense knowledge, you can teach others. 

There are various subjects which you can teach such as Spoken English, personality development, business communication and so forth. They have other site called Ufaber there you can teach courses like Gate, UPSC, and IELTS. 

You can call them or email them to apply to become a tutor.


Italki is a HongKong based organization. A person who has a sound knowledge not only about English but for other languages also can join this website.

The best feature of this website is that Hindi can also be taught here, anyone who is capable of Hindi can teach here.
You are required to make a video profile describing yourself and expressing your mastery in the language you would like to teach. On your presentation and your excellence in language, you will be picked as a tutor by students. You will be paid for every session you attend.


Fluency is a bit different than the two mentioned above. It requires 2-year teaching experience to analyze your teaching ability and accreditation in English language (TEFL Certificate). 

If you fulfill the above mentioned requisites, you can apply here as a tutor. The remuneration is quite higher than other websites. Because of all these requirements, this website is sought to be tricky to be a tutor on this platform.


On this site, you can teach various languages like English, Hindi, and others. No previous experience is required to apply for this website, even if you have zero experience, you can start teaching from a website like this. 

Here you are required to make your video profile, describing yourself and your teaching capability and teaching level of the language and so on. The video describing all these should be uploaded on the website. 

A rating will be given on your video. On Preply, they additionally give you the chance to teach other subjects like Maths, Computer, and others.
However, most of the tutors join it as a language teacher, rather than joining it as another subject tutor.

VIP kids 

This is a China-based firm. You can teach Personality Development classes, Spoken English or English school level evaluation of English to Chinese students. 

At the time of submitting an application, you are required to appear for a test or an interview to show that you are eligible to teach. 

All these five sites I have given as reference pays well, and they are genuine. You can procure up to INR 40000 from these sites by spending a couple of hours. 

Working with these sites, one can without much of a stretch transform their enthusiasm into a profession and helps you utilize spare time to produce.