Likee is basically a free short video creation and sharing app which is for iOS and Android operating systems. It has special features like live streams and video effects. 

You can use this app by downloading the application on app stores on iOS and google playstore on android operating systems. After downloading this app, you can make video clips, 4D effects, and AI face swap features with their profile. 

You can use Likee app as content promotion

As of 2019, This app is experiencing an exponential growth in users in India for the application. And this results in creative content which is based on songs and dialogues. In this platform as a creator off Likee, revenue earnings through brand and promoter advertising campaigns is like keep an eye out for. 

Here are the various methods from which you can earn money on a Likee app.

  • Earn Through Crowns : On this application, Likee app pays real money to official creators. Once your content gets high friction after following Likee guidelines, the creator gets crowns. The three crowns include:
  1. K1 crowns in which creators earn approximately $400 or more.
  2. K2 crowns in which creators earn approximately $200 per month. 
  3. K3 crowns which pays the creators approximately $50.
  • Promotional Pay and Sponsorship : Creators with higher views and following approaches by brands for advertising on their brands and products. Sponsorships are high for those who are active on the application. Regular viewer engagements and promotions are expected of creators who are hired for sponsorships and promotions.
  • Live Streaming app and participating in Challenging : Creators of Likee are allowed to broadcast live videos for a minimum of 30 minutes once they have higher following. Creators execute challenges during their lives that help them to gain higher fan following and ‘diamonds’ from other users of the application. 
  • Increase content visibility from Hashtags : Hashtags are used on the description of the videos that are posted on the Likee app. If you want to target a niche audience, the hashtags provide the viewers with relevant content when browsing the application. To become visible by promoters, creators can join the brand hashtags and sponsors who pay for referrals and approval in the content. 
  • Collaborations and Affiliate Marketing : Creators can earn money through affiliate marketing and collaborations as a commission. Creators are provided with promotion codes or unique links that are attached with the product or services which they refer to their viewers. 
  • Manage your personal brands and campaigns : Another way to earn money is the provision of a platform for promoting personal brands and campaigns. Creators get opportunities to connect their various social media channels and platforms. 

If you want to get more viewers and increase followers on Likee, then you should remove privacy on your profile, understand the audience, perfect your creator profile, engage with viewers, and promote on other social media channels. You can use Likee money calculator as it is available for free on the internet. Due to the similarity of the money calculators on similar social media platforms, creators can choose for official money calculators from apps such as Tiktok, Byte, Zynn and Instagram.