There are many examples to earn money by watching TV :

  • Professional TV Watcher : You can become a professional TV watcher to earn money easily. Pro TV Watchers hired to look through hours of programming to find the right clips for shows and new broadcasts. But it is not easy to find these types of jobs. On Indeed, when you search for “TV watcher” and “watch TV”, you find some related positions like “field representative” for Nielsen or “customer representative” for Netflix.

  • Shows on Netflix : Many companies hire “taggers” to watch movies and “TV shows” to properly categorize them. You can do this work easily at your home with long hours on your bed if you like. As these positions are not available very often, you can check them on Netflix job board. 
  • Watch Cooking Shows : Earn money by watching cooking shows. Watch Swagbucks video channel. As there are a number of videos to watch and it seems like many of them are cooking shows. You can earn SB redeemable for gift cards or deposit to your PayPal account. You can even earn $5 by signing up and watching your first video. 
  • Earn Money by Viggle : You can watch TV by viggle and many of your favorite television shows and listen to music. To earn money, you can start earning points by watching and listening, after that redeem those points. After redeeming the points, get real rewards like music downloads, gift cards and more. 
  • Perk TV : By using app Perk.TV, you can watch videos and television to earn points. Redeem your points for gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy and many others vendors at the rate of 1K points per dollar. As the reviews of the Perk TV are mostly positive. Some users say that “With proper interaction with the apps, income earned can be dependable”. According to one reviewer, you can earn “A few bucks daily”.
  • TV Watching Postings : You can earn money by finding various TV watching postings. Search for the job posting websites and do an occasional search on Google. Then, click on “More Tools” and ”Last Month” to get recent results. For example, searching “TV Watcher Job” while writing turns up a posting on website