There is no secret that Facebook is making a ton of money off of ads. Some people are aware about how to earn money from Facebook. Not many people are aware of the fact about how to monetize facebook video. This happens because facebook monetize is the new concept and it is available to a limited number of facebook partners. 

If we recall, Facebook’s decision makes perfect decisions by giving the demand for video content which is increasing rapidly and that video has proved to be a powerful marketing tool. 

Facebook’s main goal is to deliver brands with the strong reason to continue using the platform and dump more money into advertising. Well, at the same time, they want to keep as many active users as possible, which is challenging in recent years with people migrating to other platforms, especially Instagram. 

Video monetization basically refers to the videos you create and get paid to it. This gives brands the opportunity to advertise their products and services in completely a new way. On the other hand, video monetization is a powerful inducement for content creators to post correctly, which automatically leads to higher levels of user activity on the platform. 

There are three ways to earn money by monetize Facebook Video :

  • Brand Collabs Manager : it is a program Facebook which is launched with the intention to bring brand and influential content creators together. It works similarly to influencer marketing in that brands can pay content creators to pitch products and services to their followers.

Brand Collabs manager earnings are so high if you calculate. You can sign up for the Brand Collabs Manager, but it includes a few rules, guidelines, and conditions you have to meet first. 

  • Advertisers : if we look from the advertiser’s perspective, the process is totally straightforward, that you have to pay content creators to promote your products and services. As there are plenty of options that help you to spend your advertising budget wisely.

The screening process for content creators is precise, so you will know that everyone who is part of Brand Collabs Managerprogram is esteemed and has enough following to make it worth your while. 

  • Creators : According to the creator’s perspective, things become more complex. If you are interested in making money and unlocking your Facebook Page, we advise you to read through Facebook’s branded content policies thoroughly. 

To become a member of a brand collabs manager program as a content creator, you should have the facebook page. Be in a Brand Collabs Manager eligible country. 

Once you are successful in signing up for the program, most of the work is done on your side. Now you have to wait to be discovered and approached by a brand.