What’s going on and when you do come back at you with a brand and this one we’re gonna be talking about why most people fail and I know this because this is how I almost felt for those you don’t know the whole story again I have not made my entire story. I did a little bit of drops from the not my life story for four months I made one sale shop I made a month to I believe with Facebook at four months I failed and right now we’re jumps on my computer break down kind of wide and a lot of the patterns that I see happening in a lot of new people jumping into this business so with that being said you guys are kind of new to it you’re just jumping into.

The things you need to understand: apply these principles to what you’re doing because it will save you from at least wasting time, the first thing I want to kind of saying structures something that I thought about my own it’s like you know I don’t know if anyone else made or whatever this is something that I think is very accurate not even just to shop five but to most businesses in general so the soccer analogy I know a lot of you guys you know if you’re overseas whatever football queue in soccer game, we had the ball of the foot and this does apply to every other sport or whatever.

Learn how to kick a soccer ball how to get a goal understand how the players move why they moved different patterns and strategies on how to win and be better at the game you know see how that’s related to shop by right there it doesn’t matter and know everything about the game you know all the tactics secret from all the top people doesn’t matter guess what you go kick a soccer ball, it doesn’t matter how much you learn where you learn from because you have to figure out on your own and it only comes with experience and that is the exact same thing when it comes to shop for and other businesses as well okay it comes from experience.

I see a lot of people getting great information great courses great mentor ship whatever or even they don’t need that they’re watching videos they can apply it but the problem is they don’t make money they don’t build a successful business and why is that I think it’s because they think they know everything they jump right in and then they kick a soccer ball and it absolutely fails it goes way left they don’t make a goal whatever it’s the same exact thing that’s why I love this analogy when it comes this it doesn’t matter what content you getting right now, that’s great you’re only going to be able to succeed.

If you go and do this stuff figure it out and test it for yourself and from there this is what I call the back in peace you can’t even just test what I’m showing you, you’re gonna have to alter it to what works for you might not work for me and vice versa you have to create your own formula the way I even run my articles do my different post my interest on Facebook look for influences literally anything you guys is not the exact same as how I was taught it’s not and that’s because I’m learning I’ve adapted not built off of that and I think that’s absolutely huge when it comes to stuff in the soccer analogies just so accurate you guys can really go through a lot of stuff that’s great some people jump right in with no information.

I don’t think that’s the right way to go and there’s also people who spend six months learning I think that’s too long you should you know spend a few weeks really study understand the business model and how to do it and then be learning as you’re going through not only from whatever course our mentorship you’re learning from but also from experience literally everything when it comes to this and I feel like the point where ninety five percent of people who fail or dropping off on is because they failed to transition into this back in peace they’re testing exactly what they were taught but they’re afraid or maybe are creative enough to go out and do their own thing whatever that might mean for them you have to alter it and kind of change things a little bit and test don’t be afraid to test that’s honestly the biggest thing testing.

It really is okay and that’s something that I didn’t fully understand that’s why I almost failed for four months I was not properly test and I was not run in a Facebook campaign I was not experiment with influences I was not doing the right needs the right products testing on, there’s a way to do it as a right or wrong when I think a lot of people they just kind of they think it’s simple you know they buy something whatever they they read you to be like I wanna do that that’s cool but if you do exactly that doesn’t mean you’re gonna get results even if the person who made that video is it’s just not how the business works so I want you to fully understand I know this is a long view I don’t want to make a long content because it doesn’t need to be most people fail because of the soccer knowledge that’s really what it is take a step back if you’re not getting very many sales or if you’re about to get into the business be very aware of this as you’re doing that that’s my big piece of advice.

I think that’s absolutely crucial in a lot of people just don’t even understand that let alone implement and follow that you guys one quick thing too I know it kind of builds off of what I just said I might have taken all this information twisted in my own formula you still have to take that information either from and my information wherever you decide to learn from and twist that so just because I’ve already twisted it figured online form that doesn’t mean that’s the formula for you so if that makes sense if it doesn’t drop coming down low be more than happy to help you out I’m gonna go through answer all your questions feel free to drop any ideas whatever on the interactive in the comments from now on and we are doing to you to live stream hopefully later this week this next week so dependent.