Is traveling your passion? Do you usually guide your family and friends while they plan for a trip? Are you looking for an opportunity to earn money from home online? Have you ever considered to become a Travel Agent?

Even in the era of technology, working as a Travel Agent has not grown an outdated profession. There are people who still seek guidance and support from the Travel Agents. It is all because of the sense of security it gives to those who seek your services.

The services of Travel Agents are usually rendered during specialized trips which may be corporate events, cruises, family vacations, honeymoons, international trips and so on. The following are the Top Five Reasons to Hire a Travel Agent: 

Hiring a Travel Agent saves TIME as well as the exertion. 

Customized Service as per the clients’ requirement

Proficient – you’ll find things you’ve never considered doing or seeing on an outing 

Guarantees the best value for the money spent 

Gives unbiased information 

I had the delight of meeting a person who not only chose this as his work field but also excelled in it. She opted to start a career and make money from home online.

How you started your career as a Travel Agent? 

When I got married, I realized that I have to spend more time with my family rather than at the office. Hence, I planned to quit my job. However, it became difficult for me to spend my spare time idle and it was then that I planned to start looking for my interests to pursue my career in it while working and earning from home. At that moment I realized that I have immense knowledge of the places that I went on vacation, assisted many in planning their trips and love to read and know more about new destinations for vacations.

Do you get any advantages as a Travel Agent? 

A Travel Agent usually gets discounts from certain providers, and you make a commission from the trips that you had with your family as well, considering that as a discount. Most providers offer special rates for limited stays. Sometimes, as a Travel Agent, we visit a place just to explore more about the offerings, however, such trips are not vacation time.

How you reach the right customers? 

Family and companions were the first, to begin with, later I realized that they are not my real customers. 

I invest a ton of energy on Facebook and in groups where I focus on building and maintaining relationships.

How many clients do you have since you started until now?

I have a large number of clients, though I can not give you the exact number. I usually get clients from the groups I have joined and most of the time, many of my clients get back to me every time they need to plan for a vacation. I get clients from referrals as well, which I feel happy about as I count them as positive feedback from my previous clients.

What amount does a Travel Agent make? 

It all depends upon what you sell to your client. Trip specialists acquire commission from providers (airlines, lodgings, resorts, and so forth.). In this way, when you book your Disney trip with me, it won’t cost you a penny more than if you somehow happened to book it yourself. Disney will pay me after you travel. 

Every so often, I charge a planning fee, yet that is normally when I am customizing a trip for you. 

My first year I think I possibly made 6K – the fact is that you only get paid when individuals really travel, and individuals plan trips a year ahead of time now and then! You can’t go into this industry thinking you’ll become successful instantly. You must have energy and patience. 

Glassdoor states the reimbursement ranges from $29,000 to $58,000 every year, except everything relies upon your offers and the number of customers you served. 

How frequently do you get paid? 

For every trip an individual made from you, you get a commission. So beginning can be hard since you don’t get paid until someone has traveled.

What are the skills that are required to Become a Travel Agent? 

Organizing skills, patience, and passion to assist others during their voyage. I have immense knowledge about a few destinations, hotels, and places for sight-seeing, so when it comes to any of that place, I hop in to explain how they can make the most of every penny they expend. There are times, when clients ask for the destination about which I do not have much knowledge, yet I deliver them the best package. This only happens when you love the work you do along with this, I love the research part and making relationships with the vendors there.

Any cons of opting Travel Agent as a career option? 

Being a Travel Agent yourself, you yourself can not go on a vacation! It’s consistently working, and keeping in mind that I do have to take care of my clients, answer the queries of potential clients and so on. In this way, I don’t get to totally unplug. It baffles my family sometimes, that I am continually working, yet I truly love what I do, so it doesn’t feel like “work” to me.

So if you have a keen interest in traveling and have the qualities that are stated above, plan your career as a Travel Agent then. And soon you will have clients seeking your assistance.