As there are lots of ways to earn money nowadays, there is an app called Bigo from which you can earn money quickly. You can earn money from Bigo Live. But first of all, learn what the Bigo app is? Bigo app is a social media application which is owned by Singapore-based Bigo Technology and it was founded in 2014 by David Li and Jason Hu. 

To earn money, you need to download the application from the playstore. You can register your account by using your google account. You can upload the video or you can do live streaming to get views from the audience. After that your followers will see the video and will send you gifts. It depends on the followers and the time you spend on broadcasting. 

There are many ways to earn money online from the Bigo app.

  • Enlighten people something you know : This is the most effective way to teach people that you know. If you have any special talent that is sought-after, then this is a good way that you can make money. Many women have started a livestream channel on Bigo to teach other girls and women how to do makeovers.
  • Play tunes for people : People are always looking for entertainment and they love music a lot. But due to the pandemic, most of the live concerts and other live music have been canceled. As there are a lot of ways to play music like play drums or any other instrument on your channel. By doing this, you can increase your followers. People will gift you gifts like beans and diamonds, which can easily turn into real money. 
  • Live Streaming : Blogs are modern-day versions of reality-shows, as people want to see what is happening in other people’s lives as it is happening. There are a number of bloggers who have turned simply filming their life and taking followers with a full blown career. 
  • Dry-run to your Video : if you are having any trouble through a certain part of a video game, then you have to purchase a magazine to see a walkthrough. Nowadays, most of the people will livestream video game walkthroughs, some of which have videos to go with it. By creating gamer communities is also a popular way to earn money.
  • Promotion of your Products : Another great way to make money on Bigo is to promote your own products that you have created on your live stream. Many creative people sell their products like t-shirts, hats, mugs, ebooks and guides, to name a few. The main issue people face is to sell their products in a traditional way. If you want to build a following by live streaming on Bigo, then promote your own products on sale. 
  • Sponsorship : As this is a very popular way to earn money on live stream platforms. It requires you to have a significant niche which is enough for the specific product or service. Get sponsored by gaining lots of followers based on whatever topic you want to choose. 
  • Use Affiliate Marketing : Earn money with the help of Affiliate Marketing by building up enough followers, you will be able to attract the attention of other companies. Nowadays, people become affiliate marketers to earn money. With the help of affiliate marketing, people make their career in marketing, as it is a critical channel for business. As you see affiliate marketing all the time but you don’t know what the people exactly do. Most of the people earn $20,000 per year, which is an impressive amount of money. 
  • Current News : Another great way to earn money is to use podcasts. Use your headphones and microphones and act like you are recording a podcast. On Bigo, you can gain lots of followers by taking topics from current news and after that comment on them. People love to hear current news of other people, so this is a great way to gain followers. 

There are many ways to earn money on Bigo so just follow your passion and start livestreaming today.